It's been a while since I've done much using PlayMyCode so I figured a little remake was in order. This time I've chosen a little gem from the 8-bit days called Preppie!
You can find details of the original Atari 800 game here: Atari 800 Preppie!

This remake took me roughly 3 days in total to create, so there's likely a few bugs or missing features here and there, but is otherwise playable from start to finish.

If you're familiar with the game Frogger then this is quite similar. However, instead of taking frogs to the far end of the screen you need to collect the golf balls (one at a time) and return them to the safe zone at the bottom of the screen. The challenge is in doing this against the clock - the quicker you are the more points you score. There are ten levels in total with the difficulty ramping up as you go along.

I'd like to extend my warmest thanks to the original developer of this game, Russ Wetmore, for allowing me to create this remake and to make it freely available.  Russ, you're a star! :)

As ever, the source code can be found on the PlayMyCode site. Have fun :)

Cursor keys to move the player and space to jump on/off canoes/logs/crocodiles. Good luck!

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