Obliteroids (OUYA)

Decided to try out the Monkey language for a change and knocked up a version of Asteroids using it.  For a bit of fun, I opted to target the OUYA platform and renamed it to Obliteroids.

Whilst testing the game it seemed like a good idea to add two player support!  So now you and your friend can go blasting asteroids together.  To add a little extra variety, you can bounce into each other - often resulting in one or both of you hitting an asteroid.  Or, you can capture an asteroid and "fling" it at the other player - but be warned - you can't hold onto it for too long! :)

Big thanks to Rob Fearon (@retroremakes) for producing the game icons, the bezel and the background!

Not sure if I'll use Monkey again for a while as I'm now quite busy on the PS Vita, but it was a nice little diversion and I'd recommend anybody to take a look - especially if they want to support multiple platforms with ease.

You can find Obliteroids in the OUYA store or you can have it remotely install by clicking the button below:

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