PlayStation here we come!

Well, pretty much everything is now on hold now as I'm working with Rob Fearon to bring his ludicrously lovely game Death Ray Manta (DRM) to the PlayStation Vita.

We're working directly with Sony to enable us to use the Vita to it's full extent, rather than use PlayStation Mobile (PSM).  The new version is also a complete re-write (the original was written using GameMaker) and will be much closer to Rob's vision of what a videogame really is.  It will also make use of some of the Vita's unique features, but what - we'll keep a secret for now :)

Here's Rob's news posts:

    This is the news...
    The Next DRM

And a little fun was had by Sony President, Shuhei Yoshida:  DRM on PS Vita

Hopefully, I'll be featuring some progress here in the near future.

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