What? Why? Eh? Shush!

I'm not entirely sure what's going on at PlayMyCode, but the site has gone very quiet lately. There's been a few good games appear, but most of them just end up getting hidden in a torrent of awfulness.

I have a few games and projects that are almost ready for release there, but technical problems hold me back. For example, the performance of Array is AWFUL! It's so slow that creating and using tilemaps is painful. When you need to access various parts of the tilemap arrays for rendering and collisions, you really do start to chug along.

The blog on PlayMyCode has gone almost a year without an update. The recommended games section is never updated. The forums are full of useless posts or people moaning about the lack of updates to PMC.

I'm sure things will improve, but for now, my favourite test bed for ideas has changed. I'm now playing around with Loom which is just lovely - and you can easily deploy to iOS/Android/HTML5 etc. It's quite new so has a few quirks, but certainly looks promising.

Expect some Loom goodies soon :)

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