Additive Blend Editor Pt 3

A little more work on the editor today:

  • Now able to save the project (useful feature!)
  • Save a selection of the display as an image/sprite
  • Copy a selection of the display to create a new brush (also saved to disk for future use)
  • Building the GUI up a little more
  • Introduced layers (although still not happy with the result yet)
Also started work on a selection tool - picking one or more "points" that you've placed so you can alter/move/delete - but oh my! Is that an interesting problem to solve!  When each point is an image that can have varying differences including scale/angle you can end up with big bounding boxes that don't reflect the point you're choosing.  There's also the issue of selecting the correct point when there's a lot of points available in one area - no idea how to address this yet :)

Few more tweaks/fixes and I'll start to use it for generating real game sprites :)

If anybody's interested in trying this tool out then feel free to let me know.


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