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Having received a Raspberry Pi the other day I found myself digging around retro games.  In particular, I was playing with the original Elite and figured it would be fun to try and create a 3D space game using PlayMyCode.

I'd already created a very basic 3D renderer for PMC (see earlier posts), so I was able to take this and improve it quite quickly:

This is a simple model of the Adder ship from Elite.  The 3D engine now supports lights (for which this scene has a single global light at the moment).  I've also added texture support, though not fully functional as I need context.clip() support in PMC which isn't yet available. 

The colours I've chosen above are intentional and temporary - I'll choose much better colours eventually!

There's no clipping in the engine yet, so that's next up along with a simple particle system for engine effects :)


Hmm - so I tried having 20 of the Adder ships flying around and performance was horrific!  FPS dropped down to 15FPS which is nowhere near good enough - and that's without clipping :(

Time to dig through the code looking at ways to optimise it, or this project will end up dead in the water (or is that space!)

Ok, so it turns out the lighting is eating up all the time! Turned it off for now until I can find a cheaper solution :(


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