Additive Blend Editor

A friend asked how additive blend works and how he could create some funky effects in a game. He still didn't get it even after a few pints of beer - not sure if this was me being crap at explaining or him being a bit thick :)

Anyway, I figured I'd write a demo on PlayMyCode, but it soon turned into a sort of funky sprite editor.  The above was me testing one feature out and then realising I'd spent an hour playing around!  Everything above was generated using a single image - a simple glowy circle that's stretched and mashed around to create the desired shapes. Colours and alpha applied with lots of additive blend.

The "editor" will allow you to create your own funky sprites. Then, simply place a bounding box around the one you want and select "dump".  This will dump an array of information in textual format which can be placed straight into your own PlayMyCode project.  The output will be a pre-rendered sprite instead of having to render potentially hundreds of blended images.  The framerate saving is quite significant.

It's fairly basic at the moment, but does support some basic editor features, including a grid, snap-to-grid and multiple undo levels.

Will post a working version here once I'm happy the dump feature is working as I want.


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