Monday, 17 March 2014

Obliteroids (OUYA)

Decided to try out the Monkey language for a change and knocked up a version of Asteroids using it.  For a bit of fun, I opted to target the OUYA platform and renamed it to Obliteroids.

Whilst testing the game it seemed like a good idea to add two player support!  So now you and your friend can go blasting asteroids together.  To add a little extra variety, you can bounce into each other - often resulting in one or both of you hitting an asteroid.  Or, you can capture an asteroid and "fling" it at the other player - but be warned - you can't hold onto it for too long! :)

Big thanks to Rob Fearon (@retroremakes) for producing the game icons, the bezel and the background!

Not sure if I'll use Monkey again for a while as I'm now quite busy on the PS Vita, but it was a nice little diversion and I'd recommend anybody to take a look - especially if they want to support multiple platforms with ease.

You can find Obliteroids in the OUYA store or you can have it remotely install by clicking the button below:

Saturday, 7 September 2013

New free game: Crossfire

New free game for you to try!
Crossfire is a prototype that I put together very quickly using PlayMyCode. Far from complete but it's playable :)

Mouse to move the turrets. Left mouse to fire. Right mouse for shields. Good luck!

Monday, 2 September 2013

More demo's

Added a couple more demo's to the Demo section. One is a simple retro style scroller and the other is an implementation of Perlin Noise using PlayMyCode.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

LCD Display

Minor little update - thought I'd release an old demo on :)
This one runs pretty slowly, but somebody may find it useful

Monday, 3 June 2013

PlayStation here we come!

Well, pretty much everything is now on hold now as I'm working with Rob Fearon to bring his ludicrously lovely game Death Ray Manta (DRM) to the PlayStation Vita.

We're working directly with Sony to enable us to use the Vita to it's full extent, rather than use PlayStation Mobile (PSM).  The new version is also a complete re-write (the original was written using GameMaker) and will be much closer to Rob's vision of what a videogame really is.  It will also make use of some of the Vita's unique features, but what - we'll keep a secret for now :)

Here's Rob's news posts:

    This is the news...
    The Next DRM

And a little fun was had by Sony President, Shuhei Yoshida:  DRM on PS Vita

Hopefully, I'll be featuring some progress here in the near future.